Our Story

Ol’ Bastards is a focused, refined haircare range that strips away unnecessary confusion in men’s grooming.

Created by a team of hairdressers, the idea for Ol’Bastards was born out of a gap in the market for a single brand that encompassed all the products that men need, and nothing they don’t. Minimal, unapologetic and meticulously crafted - Ol’ Bastards combines expertise with the finest ingredients, and is proudly manufactured in Australia.

With years of passion and hard work in the industry, the team at Ol'Bastards sought to create a range that they would be proud to use on themselves, and their clients. Each product has been crafted with the same level of quality, care and without compromise. The range took three years to perfect - to ensure that each product delivers exactly what the packaging promises.

Ol’ Bastards is more than just great hair. It’s about a certain attitude - Confident, Stoic, Proud. Break away from fads, fear and comfort zones. Stand tall, and take a risk. That an Ol’Bastard.