Ol’Bastards for the Moda Man

Ol’Bastards for the Moda Man

We are very proud to announce that Ol’Bastards is now available at Moda Hair, Concord. And in the words of salon director George Verginis, the range “smells great, lasts all day and walks off the shelves”.

As the stand out salon in its area, Moda Hair leads the way with the latest in trends, techniques and products with a team that is both experienced and fiercely creative.

Their success is likely due to its highly trained staff who have perfected their craft. With a clear focus on personalised service, Moda Hair meets the individual needs of each and every client, achieving a superior colour and cut that is tailored to their face, look and personality.

Amongst the loyal customers is the Moda Man. And along with an expert cut by the Moda team, this Moda Man can now enjoy our products expertly worked by their stylist, and available to purchase for everyday confidence.

Moda Hair
71 Majors Bay Rd, Concord NSW 2137
Open Tuesday-Saturday

(02) 9743 6422

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